Brush Paint Ajrakh Print Fabric in Cotton

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Product: Brush Paint Ajrakh Print Fabric

About Ajrakh Print:

Ajrakh print has been worn on earth since time immemorial.  First evidence of its existence dates back to the Indus valley civilization.

Ajrakh means indigo in Arabic and in Hindi it is combination of two words that are, aaj +rakh which means keep it today. The hindi meaning reflects the activity of taking on credit. It also has a different meaning in Sindhi i.e to make it beautiful.

It takes more than 7 – 8 processes to complete Ajrakh print. The total time of procedure is around 15-20 days. The processes include Saaj, Kasano, Khariyanu, Kat, Gach, Indigo Dyeing, Vichharnu and Rang. The Saaj process is repeated more than 5 times, the cloth is then washed in a solution of Myrobalan, whitewash and babul tree gum is  printed onto the cloth to outline the design motifs that will be white (this printing is known as Rekh), a black paste of jaggery, scrap iron and tamarind used for black printing, next resist printing will be of alum, clay and gum Arabic, the cloth is then dyed twice in indigo, washed thoroughly to remove all the resist printing, and unfixed dye and  the cloth then boiled with Alizarine/Madder root/Henna, Rhubarb to give  a bright colour of choice like red/green/brown.

Fabric Composition: 100%  Cotton

Width: 44 inch

Weight: Light

Colour: Indigo Blue/ yellow/ Red/ Black to choose from

Description:This fabric is made with Ajrakh print with natural dyes like madder red and Indigo blue, Turmeric, iron rust.

**** Price : the price stated is for 1 meter of fabric. Quantity 1 is equal to 1 meter.

Wash and care: Hand wash or Machine wash with cold water, gentle cycle, do not bleach, use mild detergent

***Every hand made Fabric in our collection is handcrafted by rural weavers.this is handmade products so irregularities are the unique mark of this product.

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