Opening the lid of natural dyes to paint the textiles

Colour them well with nature… What appeals to the naked eyes when neatly stacked finished textiles sit patiently on the racks? The colour always takes the precedence over pattern or

Recycled fabrics … No textile waste … Waste fabric use

Saving the nature through recycled fabrics … No textile waste … Waste fabric use… Cloth recycling From covering the human modesty to shielding the skin from surroundings, clothing is vital


With responsible fashion finally making its way into discussions of the future of the planet, it is high time we consider Hemp Fabric as a suitable fabric option. The point

Best Weaving Blogs Winners – Vritti Designs Blog in top 100

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While, all of us desire to achieve perfection in everything we do, there is a certain attraction towards small and little imperfections in everything. Nobody is perfect and it is

Hand Made  Natural Himalayan Stinging Nettle Fabric

Inspiration to develop eco-friendly products comes from the people who wears and use our creation . I inspired by things which touched my heart and it can be anything from

Khadi : A Cloth and Beyond

By Ektaa Jain Clothes have always been integral to human identity. They have defined not only individuals but are often seen as markers of particular groups, communities, towns, and even