Block Printing: Building Blocks for Prints

Block Printing : An ancient art !! Block printing is one of the oldest printing techniques. It is an art form which utilizes hand crafted wood with dye for the

Ajrakh Print – A tale of love  from 2500 B.C. to 2019

What is Ajrakh Print ? Ajrakh print has an old story to  share. The phrase ‘ Old is Gold’ suits well to this Indian printing craft. Its  history can be


Considered as one of the most beautiful textile decoration disciplines, the Lucknowi Chikankari needs our attention and care more than ever now. When it comes to embroidery there are hardly

Eat, Sleep, Quilt, Repeat! Home made Quilts from India

Introduction and origin of Quilt: They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And Quilting has been proving them right for the longest time. While it does not require the genius