Happy Independence Day !!!

Very rightly said by Swami Vivekananda – Dependence is misery and independence is happiness. Happy Independence Day !!!

Eco – Friendly Rakhi- A bond of Protection

Rakshabandhan: A bond of Protection Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bond. Traditionally, Rakshabandhan is a celebration of love, care and protection between a brother and sister. However, history has

World Environment Day 2019 – Plant A Sapling

On World Environment Day 2019, we as Global Citizens Pledge to #BeatAirPollution Live Life more Sustainably by being one with Nature. A life Lived Consciously is a life best lived.

International Women’s Day 2019 !!

Making Women Happy Everyday !!   “International Women’s Day!!”……..  And with this day comes all those concerns about empowering women from those who’ve been unknown to even a gist of a

We face lot of challenge and achieve lot many things in life. There are people in your life you look up to and that person can a friend or family.